If someone points at your black clothes and asks you whose funeral is it, a look around the room and a casual “haven’t decided yet” is always a good response.

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Kicked off my day with a bowl of sweet. brown sugar oats, topped off with nanners,  tangerines, persimmon slices, almonds, buckwheat, and a plump red strawberry.

Eating clean is so easy!
Do not settle for less than exactly what you want. Your heart’s desires are there for a reason. Chase them. Pursue them relentlessly. Do not lose sight of your goals.
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Hawaii Bound | WF

so tomorrow I’m booking the ultimate trip!
London - Reykjavik - Toronto - Washington DC - Philadelphia - New York!

So excited gonna try and pack so many things in if anyone knows any good things I should do in these places please tell!

Let the money saving commence!